Tuesday, July 14, 2015

hotel living truths.

We have been living at Homewood Suites for a little over a week now as a family of 4.
These are few truths I have learned about hotel living thus far.

1. unlike a dorm, or even apartment living ... our neighbors are not here as long as we are. 
we have many times said hello to families with kids on our floor (or at the communal breakfast times) and have always been met with a very reluctant and suspicious hi back.
wyatt even offered to take the luggage cart back downstairs for a man, he felt very uncomfortable with us asking ... but in truth, wyatt just wanted to ride it down to it's place. ha!
the good in this is that the kid who liked to jump on the bed and stomp across our ceiling was only here for 2 days, and the dog next to us that kept trying to open the door was only here for an evening.

2. people love themselves a free meal. 

it doesn't matter if it's the breakfast or the simple salad and cheese and cracker tray out at dinner time. the ways that people can manage to fill a plate (or three) amazes me.

3. taking down my personal coffee cup in the mornings signals the staff that we are not the typical short-term visitors.

we have met some really great staff here at homewood suites. they are friendly, accept daily hugs from our kids, and truly wish us luck with the home selling/buying and with john starting his new job.  in several ways they are becoming friends.  which is super beneficial when my boys want a blueberry muffing with the case is out.  (or so i say because i really wanted it)

4. my kids do better in their own rooms

i know lots of parents love to have their kids sleep together, but it is not beneficial in our house. haden still is a very loud breather while he sleeps which causes wyatt to get less quality sleep.
when haden begins to wake at 5am, he runs over to wyatt's bed and begins banging him on the head in excitement that his best buddy is in the room with him. oy!
a terrible combination when mixed together
oh Lord, help us survive these next 6 weeks in here.

5.  giving wyatt a key card was genius

first of all wyatt had to spend about a week in the hotel with us, proving to us he knew how to get to our room from all doors and front desk/food areas.
now that he has his very own card ... FREEDOM i tell you. not only does wyatt feel like an adult, but he's super helpful. I send him on errands several times a day. just today he changed out the laundry, got me an apple, took a tray back to the food area, and back down for extra coffee creamer.

6.  we are all starting to feel the tightness 

we miss the ease of a backyard play area, being able to sit on a soft couch, and not always HAVING to be in a room with someone else. there is so little alone time here for any of us.  Even now as i'm typing, john's on his computer 4 feet away doing his own thing ... several nights i've watched shows on my tablet WITH HEADPHONES as to not disturb him.  it's funny how i just miss watching tv with normal sound.

7. i never knew a rotisserie chicken with microwavable mash potatoes would ever taste so good.

it had been weeks for john and i of constant dining out. sure we ate at some nicer restaurants, but that first meal as a family, in our hotel room, using both office chairs so we all can sit at our tiny table. the four of us cleaned that whole chicken dry, and the kids slept wonderfully that night.

8. i worry too much about a 'proper' dinner for our family.

one night we all ate corn dogs. that was it. nothing to go with it, just corn dogs. it wasn't awesome, but they were microwavable and in that moment that was good enough.
another night we had frozen lasagna and nothing else. we ate it and were happy enough.

9. hercules is a great cat

he doesn't meow, he sleeps most of the day and plays throughout the night. he lets the boys look at him for a moment before he disappears again. i never expected him to be this great. he must just feel happy to not be left at home alone anymore.

10.  swimming everyday is fun and exhausting

the boys love the pool. i love that it is only a short walk down the stairs to it.
it's really awesome to watch them giggle and play, and that 45 minutes is full of giggles.

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